• "The result has been two promotions, a $70,000 salary increase, and being named the youngest executive vice president in my company."-M. Marketing, New York City
  • "I am now routinely closing deals 10 times the size of those I did a year ago!"- Ed B., investment Banker, New York City
  • "My coach has given me the tools, resources, and inspiration to bring balance and exponential success to both my personal and professional lives."- Sarah H., Los Angeles
  • "Executive and Life Coaching has been indispensable to me. In 12 weeks, my productivity went up 50% and my income nearly doubled."- Peter, Small Business Owner
  • "My coach served as a believing mirror, which gave me clearer direction around my career and increased my capacity for action."- Karl, Human Resources

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Life Coaching

As Life Coaches, we partner with clients to help them get results in one or many areas of life – from health, finances, life purpose, fun, relationships, intimacy, fulfillment and much more.

» Life Coaching

Career Coaching

As a Career Coach, we work with clients to help them identify their ideal vocation, expand their influence in the workplace, heighten their executive skills, improve their interviewing abilities, get promoted, start businesses, to name a few.

» Career Coaching

Executive Coaching

As an Executive Coach, we partner with senior executives in different industries to help them clarify their visions, be effective leaders, execute swift actions, identify weaknesses and maximize strengths.

» Executive Coaching

Mentor Coaching

As a Mentor Coach, we work with newly accredited or established coaches in helping them expand their tool box, improve their targeting and offline and online marketing efforts and expand their businesses.

» Mentor Coaching

This Month’s Blog

Embrace Grace Under Pressure
Through the past decade as an executive coach, career coach, and life coach helping people from all walks of life navigate professional and personal challenges, one thing is clear. No matter what problems we may face at any given moment, the sands always shift, taking us to a different place sooner or later. Life goes up and down continually regardless of our struggles to prevent this, bringing to mind the saying, “Don’t push the river, it flows by itself.” When you’re in a “down” cycle of life or under major stress and pressure, it’s easy to grow discouraged. Whether ...


"Mark Strong gave me a boost in helping me find the right path in life. I have been struggling with several issues concerning overall life and did not know where to turn. I have tried many things such as therapists, counselors and friends but nothing had as big of an impact as Mark Strong's inspirational guidance. I also found his life coaching to be even more motivating than all the others as he was by my side when I needed him most. I would highly recommend his services to anyone out there who is looking to change and better their lives. Mark Strong the Life Coach will guide you to a better path. Thanks again Mark."

-David, NYC
Life Coaching, Career Coaching and Executive Coaching is in our team’s collective DNA.

Mark has been a leader in personal development for many years and is committed to innovation in the personal coaching, training and development arenas.

As Chief Learning Officer, Director of Talent & Development and as a Coach, he has developed transformational coaching and training programs at the individual, team, department, organizational and holding-company levels.

After many years in this business, people refer to us as a Life Coach, Career Coach, Executive Coach, Professional Life Coach or Personal Coach.

Whatever the title, we specialize in life coaching, career coaching, business coaching, executive coaching, life purpose coaching, and relationship coaching.